About adprop

Adprop began developing property in 2012. The company has grown year on year, as have the size, value and complexity of the developments that it undertakes.

The company continues to evolve in traditional and modular construction methods. Taking projects from inception and purchase, financing, design and planning, through to construction and sale.

The company was set up by Adam Jude Grant and initially purchased an Edwardian house containing nine dilapidated bedsits. With a small experienced team and after a year, the project was completed and moved to the investment portfolio.

Since then Adprop has completed numerous developments and grown his team to 20 retained skilled tradesmen.

A number of the renovated projects remain within the Adprop investment portfolio.

Overall the total value of the portfolio currently exceeds £6M. Adprop continues to build relationships with local agents, financiers, architects, planners and subcontractors to secure, fund and develop new and exciting projects.